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The project “SKILLS by SPORT 4 MED: Sport as a vehicle for developing skills for the labour market and promoting employability and entrepreneurship” intends to address the social and economic problem of low employment in youth population of the Mediterranean region, using the sports as a tool for this process.

Establishing long term oriented strategy to strengthen the labour force capacity, to increase employment rates and entrepreneurship skills, will tackle the high unemployment rate observed at the moment in the North and South coasts of the Mediterranean Basin.

Another critical factor addressed by SbS4Med is the focus on “empowering sport” as a tool for social impact-change. It is known that sports are not only a way to exercise, but are also recreational, essential for the physical and phycological development of children, for the development of new skills, and promotion of social integration, socialization and intercultural dialogue.

Nonetheless, a few questions are still unanswered: which are the skills promoted by the practice of sport? How do they facilitate the entrance of young adults in the labour market? Which soft and life skills do coaches transmit to athletes?


9 partners
7 countries
204 participants
36 months

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