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Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

Iscte-University Institute of Lisbon is a public university established in 1972 pursuing teaching, research and community service activities. With more than 300 professors and 400 integrated researchers, Iscte is one of the most dynamic and innovative universities in the country producing, and transferring knowledge to society according with the highest international standards. The strategic objectives of Iscte are: innovation, quality, internationalization and development of an entrepreneurial culture in the main scientific fields of Management and Economics, Humanities, Social Sciences and Public Policy, ICT and Architecture. Iscte is research oriented, with a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach that includes 8 research units (RU) with significant contributions in their research areas.

Coaching Portugal

Coaching Portugal (Confederação de Treinadores de Portugal) is a Confederation that represents 23 sports between Coaches Associations and individual members.

Coaching Portugal deals with all subjects related to the career and education of the Coach being its spokesman within public and private sector and nationally and internationally in organizations such as: the Portuguese Institute of Sport and (IPDJ), the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports (SEJD), the National Sports Council (CND), the International Council for Coach Education (ICCE), UNI Europe and the European Union.

Coaching Portugal organizes an annual Coaches Congress where Coaches of all sports meet with plenary conferences with generalist themes but also with sports related workshops and will organize the 13th Global Coach Conference in Lisbon from 2nd to 6th of June during the Mega event Lisbon, European Capital of Sport, 2021

International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS),Save the dream

Save the Dream, an initiative of the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS), is a global nonprofit movement of organisations, people and athletes who believe in the power of sport to build more fair and inclusive societies and are committed to promote and protect its core values for the good of youth and future generations.

Working on a global scale with leading organisations across sectors, Save the Dream implements and promotes initiatives to empower youth through safe access to sport and its educational and social values. The initiative strives to empower and educate young athletes, youth leaders, young professionals and students on sport-related values, focusing on a wide range of concepts, from integrity to social inclusion, protection of human rights and peace-building. Save the Dream’s programmes prioritise young people who are in the position to spread the values of Save the Dream among their peers and communities.

Save the Dream has developed good experience – including through the formulation and implementation of Erasmus+ co-funded projects – on the development of skills through sport, particularly through the implementation of the Empowering Youth Volunteering through Sports (EYVOL), The Integration of Elite Athletes into the Labour Market Through the Valorisation of Their Transversal Competences (ELIT-in), the Developing Tools for Sports Educators (Psytool), Empowering Young Sport Managers through Learning Mobility (TASEM), all addressing the development of skills of young athletes and coaches.

Cyprus Sports Organization, Cyprus

The Cyprus Sports Organization (CSO) is the highest Sports Authority of the Republic of Cyprus and is governed by the Cyprus Sports Organization’s Laws of 1969 until 2002. Pursuant to the Law “sports federation” the present law includes ant sports federation that was legally established and operates in the Republic, aiming to promote the sports as extra-curriculum activities in Cyprus and of which the members are associations that were legally established and operate in the Republic. Pursuant to that same law the term “sports confederation” includes any organization that was legally established in the Republic aiming to the promotion of the extra-curriculum sports activities pf Cyprus and of which the founded members are sports federations and include committees and unions etc. of this structure (101(1)/1992).

The Strategy of the Cyprus Sports Organization 2020 "Right to Sports - Citizens in Action", marks a new era in the sports program of Cyprus. It demonstrates a new different dimension and focuses on the new data that now exist and have been delineated by the European Sports Area and in particular the European Union, in the Treaty of Lisbon and through the White Paper.

HAŠK Mladost (Croatian Academic SportClubs Mladost of the University of Zagreb), Croatia

Founded in Zagreb in 1903 (under the name of Hrvatski akademski športski klub) the Croatian club was conceived as a modern sport organisation to gather existing sports, promote and introduce new ones. One of the characteristics of that time was broadening the multisport approach where members practised various sports, often depending on the season of the year. In 1990 the organisation turned its name into “HAŠK Mladost of the University of Zagreb” (Hrvatski akademski športski klubovi Mladost), receiving the approval of the Rector of the University of Zagreb to use the name of the University. Throughout history members of the HAŠK Mladost sports won 40 Olympic medals.

Currently HAŠK Mladost is the largest academic sports society in Croatia, consisting of 29 sport sections (of which most famous are Rowing, Athletic, Water Polo, Swimming and Volleyball) with more than altogether 4,100 sport athletes. In 2018 the club celebrated 115 years of continuity and excellence. HAŠK Mladost is committed to develop a close relationship with its surrounding - the City of Zagreb, but has incited and supported the spread of sport, sport inclusion and the Olympic spirit all over Croatia. HAŠK Mladost is currently (August 2020) participating in 9 Erasmus+ Sport projects, what reflects our institution's mission to integrate, evolve, assure quality and provide sustainability and interaction.

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is one of the most important Catholic universities in Europe and the only university in Italy operating on a national scale. The university is both a lively community and a research hub, where students are urged towards constant and intense participation in academic life by taking advantage of the numerous opportunities for growth that the institution offers every day.

Research activity draws on 35 institutes, 30 departments and 87 research centres, and is aimed towards the study and understanding of issues crucial to life and society.The High School of Psychology "Agostino Gemelli" is a national and international prestigious brand of the Faculty of Psychology at the Catholic University of Milan, founded in 2001.  For over 10 years ASAG has been dealing with excellence in psychology training through Postgraduate Masters, International Seminars, Summer and Winter Schools, also using a wide and important network of collaborations.

The International Olympic Truce Centre (IOTC),Greece

The International Olympic Truce Centre was established in July 2000 as a joint initiative of Greece and the International Olympic Committee, turning the commitment of the Olympic Movement to promote its peaceful principles into concrete action. The International Olympic Truce Centre’s mission is to promote the Olympic Ideals, to serve peace and friendship, and to cultivate international understanding. In particular, to uphold the observance of the Olympic Truce, calling for all hostilities to cease during the Olympic Games and beyond, and to mobilize the youth worldwide in the cause of Peace.

During the first years, the International Olympic Truce Centre’s absolute priority was that the Truce is respected during all Olympic Games. Since 2010, the Centre’s activities have expanded into the field of education. Most of the emphasis is put in educating the youth with the use of the power of sport, so that the Olympic Ideals can take root and flourish. It is the use of sport as a tool to instill the Olympic Values that can help the young generation gradually build a Culture of Peace.

The Centre has also developed «Hestia FC», the first football team in Greece for refugee women with fewer opportunities. Through this programme, sport is used as a tool for protection, empowerment, and social inclusion. Additionally, since 2019, the IOTC activities have expanded in the field of Erasmus+ Sport Projects, co-funded by the European Commission. The Centre’s wider and long-term objective is the creation and continuous promotion of the adoption of a Culture of Peace, which respects human rights.

Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB)

The UIB is a cutting-edge university for teaching and research. It has deep roots in the region and is committed to society, sowing values that honour humanity with an ever-increasing international calling.

Today, the university through ancient wisdom combined with its modern status is fully committed to its historical, cultural and linguistic reality, and continually strives to be an institution dedicated to the generation and distribution of knowledge, research and culture - activities that seek to attain the highest quality and academic rigour in the service of the nation. The university also aspires to imbibe the spirit of universalism and be open to an ever-more interconnected world, whilst fostering a climate of tolerance that enables the defence and promotion of our cultural and linguistic values, solidarity, respect for diversity and environmental protection.

Okkam srl, Italy

OKKAM SRL was founded in 2010 as a joint spin-off of the University of Trento, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, and Expert System s.p.a., Italy, to commercialize the results of the homonymous Large-scale Integrated Project FP7-EU project (“Project ID: 215032 - Enabling the Web of Entities.” - GA 215032). OKKAM is specialized in semantic big data knowledge valorisation by using its unique pipeline for big data. The idea is to provide a global digital space for publishing and managing information about entities, having every entity uniquely identified. OKKAM uses this approach and the related services and tools in the food industry, in fiscal fraud detection and the finance/banking sector, to improve the quality of analytics extracted from heterogeneous data sources. Among other big data services, OKKAM provides a scalable and sustainable infrastructure, called Entity Name System (ENS), for making the systematic reuse of global and unique entity identifiers. Since its foundation, the company has grown from 2 to 15 employees and has developed its core technological assets through a series of commercial and innovation projects.